Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Overwatch Review

Overwatch: the latest in a trend of games entirely lacking a single player mode. Does it make up for this and manage to be worth a buy? Let’s find out.

Unless you’ve spent the last year or so living under a rock, you’ve seen something about Overwatch. Blizzard has made a point to market the hell out of it, notably showing very little actual gameplay. Though typically a red flag for me, the colorful cast of characters had me intrigued. I watched livestreams of the game, and what I saw convinced me to try it myself.

The answer to the opening question is a simple yes. Despite its lack of game modes, Overwatch is a blast to play. The characters play so differently from one another that the game avoids feeling stale as long as you don’t play the same character over and over. This is far easier than it sounds, as there are presently 21 characters to choose from with more on the way.

As far as FPS games go, it controls rather well. Despite a minor issue with the aiming which I discuss below, the controls are sharp and receptive. The servers are stable and strong. In the month that I've played it, I've been dropped by the server only once, during which Blizzard had an unforeseen issue. 

The game notably lacks a single player mode, without even a proper story mode to tell you who these characters really are. Blizzard’s answer for those who object to this is various other forms of media, from animated shorts to comic books. Blizzard has built a fascinating world, though I question why I need to pay more to see it.

Of course, no game is perfect. Overwatch is not without problems, though I wouldn’t say any of them are deal breakers. The game’s chief issue is a lack of map variety. At present, there are 12 maps, each with a single dedicated game mode. While not exactly a critical issue, given how well the maps are designed, it could lead to the game feeling stale after a while to some. The other ‘big’ problem is the aiming. If you’re a console peasant (like myself), you’ll find dead zones in the aiming. This can lead to more observant gamers finding that the aiming feels off, even awkward.

I should probably mention that there is a ‘barrier’ for my fellow console players. It requires an online connection to play, meaning that you can’t actually play it unless you’re a member of PS+ or Xbox Live. Nowadays, I think most gamers have at least one, but it merits mention regardless.

Despite these gripes, I’d absolutely recommend Overwatch. Between the stellar gameplay and Blizzard working on fixing whatever issues gamers find, there’s not much to keep people away. With all of this in mind, I’d give Overwatch a solid 8/10, held back only by its lack of a built in story and a current lack of map variety. 

Agree? Don't agree? Let me know in the comments. Be sure to check back for my next review here at ComicBookMovieNerd.com.

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