Saturday, June 4, 2016

News: Justice League title confirmed!

The official title for the upcoming DC Comics film Justice League has been confirmed by Geoff Johns.

Wanna know? Click to find out.

So, originally this was supposed to be a title rumor posting about the supposedly leaked/possible titles for the new Justice League film that is currently filming which is the third film in DC's Cinematic Universe. Check the link out below, via IGN News.

However, I just didn't get to that story fast enough. Or maybe Geoff Johns has stepped in too quick because after the rumors were running about a possible official title for Justice League, the man himself Geoff Johns confirmed what the name of the JL film was, on Twitter. Check it out below.

Yup. The title of the film is just... Justice League. Nothing more, nothing less. Simple and right to the point. Geoff Johns is restructuring DC's New 52 and from what is going around, seems to be getting active into the film side of DC Comics after Batman v. Superman wasn't received well.

I assume it'll be called Justice League: Part 1 or something, since it seems the film is being split into two parts, something Hollywood has done before with the Hunger Games, Harry Potter and now Avengers, with the third Avengers film being split into two parts with a Captain Marvel solo film in between.

Me personally, I think Justice League: Gods Among Us would have been a great title. I know it can be seen as false advertisement, just giving the film that title just so it can sell more tickets since the game of the same name has done extremely well and more loved by fans that whatever DC wants to do. Just my thoughts. I know no one asked, but there you go.

Til' next time, folks.

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