Thursday, June 16, 2016

E3 News: Batman... VR?

Yep, Batman in Virtual Reality.

How much can you really be Batman? Well, click to find out more. 

Batman Arkham VR was announced at Sony's E3 press conference.

Sounds cool enough. ZERO gameplay was shown to the public, but from what I gather, it puts you in the shoes of Batman.

I actually can't really look into Arkham VR and show it was shown because I'm afraid of spoilers. Yes, I don't have a PS4 or Arkham Knight, so yeah. But from what I've seen, people are mixed about it. Some people are saying it's the best thing ever, while some are "Meh" about it and the apparent limited movement you have,

VR looks interesting, as a whole. Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy it all looks... Cool, if anything. Hopefully VR has a future in video games, because this really looks like the next logical step forward in gaming.

Til' next time, folks.

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