Thursday, May 19, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice SPOILER Review

Honestly, I'm gonna try to keep this short. There's only a few things I want to talk about what weren't in the main review. But I have to talk about them. Keep in mind that this review will be full of SPOILERS. So if you're okay with that, click on.

Let's get the big thing out of the way first. Yeah, Superman dies at the end. And though it's obvious he's going to come back in later films, he's not brought back in this one. I actually felt this to be an audacious move on the part of the creative team. I liked the funeral scenes, and I liked the way the other characters dealt with his death. Of course, like plenty of other things, this was ultimately undercut by its own execution. I barely had enough time to care about Superman or Lois who had just lost him. To be honest, the only time I really cared about her was when she was in that bathtub. Just because her character offers nothing, and a potentially powerful moment is squandered by a lack of care taken with the characters. Also, the dirt was cheap. We didn't need that, and it really lessened the punch.

Next up, let's talk about the email thing. Wow that was bad. I mean, how could you possibly shoehorn anything in worse than it was done here. And while I thought some of the actual moments were kind of interesting, it was completely undercut by how forced it was. I'm not sold on Flash's look, being a huge Flash fan myself, but the moment was kind of cool. Cyborg was just... weird. Could have been good, but the CGI was laughable. Aquaman's moment was just awkward. Was he holding his breath?  And wasn't it supposed to be some kind of found footage deal? How does Batman know what their symbols are? Seriously, this just shows that the creative team is not thinking things through, and they're rushing to compete with other companies churning out comic book movies.

One thing I really liked the idea of was Batman and Superman finding common ground in the names of their mothers. I feel like a lot of people are misinterpreting the idea of the scene, but it's at no fault of their own. The structure of the scene makes it seem like Batman just changes his mind about Superman because their mothers share the same name. But the intention, I believe, was to make Batman realize that he had become the monster. Though he sought to destroy one, he found it within himself, and he was realizing he had become what he swore to destroy. This is hit home by his remembering his father also calling out the name Martha right before he died. I really like this idea. It's borderline genius. But, again, the execution was just too poor, and it's ultimately a confusing and muddled moment.

Last thing I want to talk about is the scene at the capital building. It was one scene where I feel
everything was done really well. It was incredibly tense, and the shot of Superman standing in the destroyed building was fantastic. It was one of my favorite scenes in the movie, and I had to mention it.

Like I said in the main review, there's quite a bit to like. But the movie undercuts its own impressive ideas with poor execution. And makes for a very mediocre film. Still looking forward to Suicide Squad, though. Let's hope we can get this thing turned around. See you guys next time.

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